In April 2014, our organization has successfully completed the project «TEACHING SOCIAL MEDIA TO YOUNG ACTIVISTS OF CRIMEAN LOCAL COMMUNITIES». This project was realized with the support of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine

It is possible to say about the interest in the project from the Crimean youth and the part of the Crimean government, which mostly interfered in the conduct of this project.

A large group of Crimean youth (about 100 people) were trained skills with social media and content.

Educational materials on foundations of promoting content in social networks were sent to 50 members of the target group, Crimean NGOs and youth activists.

Trainings graduates were using thereceived during the sessions skills to highlight local issues in social networks and to put pressure on local authorities.

Thanks to the pressure from local authorities (Ukrainian, and later – Russian), graduates of our training sessions have received not only theoretical knowledge, but also have had the opportunity to apply this knowledge in practice. Creation of groups / pages in social networks will be continue to be filled with content from the participants of our training and advancing in the Crimean Internet space.

Our organization evaluates the results of the project and its effectiveness in positive way. All planned events as a part of the project (except the final press conference) took place. Trainings graduates still use the skills obtained during the project to highlight local issues in social networks and to impact on local authorities. Resistance in the project and the pressure on the performers indicates fear from the side of the Crimean authorities before the possibilities of the activists, who use social networks in their activities. This is another proof of the effectiveness of the project. But the project would be more effective if not the Russian occupation of the Crimea. Due to it, it was very difficult to complete this project and implement all planned activities. Some of our activists and trainers were facing a lot of pressure from the occupying power (even physical pressure) and some activists were forced to leave the region. But we coped with the tasks, implemented all project activities (except the final press conference) and led the project to its logical conclusion.

We have plans to continue a similar project in the South and East of Ukraine. First, in these regions there is a big problem with the influence of community activists on local authorities. Activists from these regions need skills to work with social media, and, most importantly, skills on creation and promotion their own content. Second, our organization has experience in effective implementation of such project in a similar region.

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