Completing of the project “Teaching Crimean youth skills how to use democratic mechanisms to protect their human rights”

In September 20143, our organization has successfully completed the project  “Teaching Crimean youth skills how to use democratic mechanisms to protect their human rights”. The project was aimed to promote democratic outlook of Crimean youth and to form the interest in democratic standards among young people by providing information about how to use democratic mechanisms to protect human rights and about the respect for democratic values. The project started on September 30th 2012 and ended on September 30th 2013 with the support of the European Commission in Ukraine and it was an attempt to study the level of acceptance and understanding of democratic standards and values by youth in Crimea and implementation of an awareness-raising campaign.

In the framework of the project there were the following types of activities:

- A survey to assess awareness among the youth in the Crimea about democratic standards was conducted;

- A topic methodical brochure was designed; it represents materials that are helpful for exploring the relevant issues features in Ukrainian society in terms of protecting the human rights and freedoms. The brochure was distributed among the Crimean young, participants of seminars, public authorities, the media, etc. (overall circulation is 4,000 copies);

- A wide awareness campaign in the media of Crimea was organized to attract public attention to issues of legal competency;

- Educational trainings and seminars were conducted; special attention was paid to students and teachers of the Crimean universities;

- A round-table for representatives of the Crimean authorities, journalists and NGO representatives was organized;

- A contest of creative works among the most active participants of trainings on topics of democratic development and history of formation of civic society in the world was carried out.

As a result of the project, by several times the level of professional and general education of the youth increased through training of the most active representatives of the Crimean youth skills how to use democratic mechanisms to protect their rights and interests at all levels of interaction between NGOs and governments.

The project had a particular importance of such events in the context of European integration of Ukraine and promotion in local society a conscious interest in the study of “democratic values” among Crimeans and implementation of European standards into main spheres of life.

Social importance of the project was in organization within the Crimean society a public debate about the necessity of democratic choice of Crimeans. Project was aimed at promoting democratic standards and European values ​​among the Crimean citizens, especially among young people in Crimea. Project provided information and educational operating among young people of Crimea to train skills to use democratic mechanisms to protect their own rights and interests, to promote democratic values ​​in Crimea, to form an interest to Europe and other democratic countries.

A particular achievement as a result of this project is to increase the number of young members of the organizations involved in the project. These people were directly involved in training and creative contests. They are an active part of the Crimean society, including students, young teachers, journalists, members of public organizations, NGO, etc. The main purpose of choosing this group of people caused by their capacity to spread the ideas of the project in the local professional communities.


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