NGO “Ukrainian Youth Association of Voters” was founded in 1992 (one of the oldest NGOs in the Crimea) and it is a local republican public non-government organization.Its purpose is to satisfy and protect the legitimate socio-economic, electoral and other rights and interests of the Ukrainian inhabitants.

NGO “Ukrainian Youth Association of Voters” is a non-political social organization that is engaged in the development of various forms of public influence on social issues. This NGO is known in Ukraine by its participation in a number of social actions on the problems of development of democracy in Ukraine and the fight against corruption, on citizen journalism, issues of environmental stabilization of regions in Ukraine and some others.

NGO “Ukrainian Youth Association of Voters” has already realized a number of projects which were focused at educating general population in Crimea. Successful experience of working with the EU Delegation in Ukraine was very important for the NGO “Ukrainian Youth Association of Voters” and for the development of the peninsula. Thanks to the project that was implemented under support of the EU, more than 100 young Crimeans managed to join the local Network of Right Defenders to protect their rights. Important for our organization is working with the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine. Thanks to the support of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine, we have trained about 100 young Crimean basis for effective work in social networks and the mechanism of their effect on authorities. Also the NGO “Ukrainian Youth Association of Voters” has successful experience of monitoring compliance by the local authorities with election law; land law, public expertise of governmental resolutions. In recent years, the NGO “Ukrainian Youth Association of Voters” has been operating in the direction of development the new media in Crimea.”

Geography of the realized projects by the NGO “Ukrainian Youth Association of Voters” includes not only the Crimea, but Southern, Northern and Central regions of Ukraine.
The purpose of the NGO “Ukrainian Youth Association of Voters” is to develop open democratic society in Ukraine by supporting public initiatives, in particular, carrying out transparent and fair elections, promotion of independent public media, and etc.
Areas of expertise: training youth and public activists on skills how to protect their own democratic rights, supporting for human rights initiatives, and development of local communities.

Also the NGO “Ukrainian Youth Association of Voters” has extensive experience in conducting public awareness campaigns, among them there are several projects as the following: “Monitoring social problems of Crimean Tatars elderly and assistance” (2010); “Control the transparency of the elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in 2009 in Crimea (2009)” and others.

The mission of the organization is:

  • To develop ability to protect the rights of voters and the public and to express their will in electoral process.
  • To improve professional and personal capacities of the Crimean citizens as a tool for social and political changes for the benefit of the development of democracy in Ukraine at the local level.

The main activities is:

  • To protect rights and interests of the Ukrainian voters;
  • To improve the legal and juridical culture of the voters and local media;
  • To ensure free and fair elections in Ukraine;
  • To draw public attention to the problems of violation of Ukrainian legislation and suggest ways to prevent them.

Target group: citizens of Ukraine of all ethnicities, all confessions, all political preferences. Special attention is paid to groups of vulnerable and elderly people.

Organisation developed Strategic Process Development Plan, which is available on the link

The NGO “Ukrainian Youth Association of Voters” continues to work in Ukraine and in the Crimea after the occupation of the peninsula. The organization will continue to work in the legal field of Ukraine and does not recognize the accession of the Crimea to Russian Federation. Now goes  the process of re-organization and the end of the summer of 2014 the organization will be registered in Kiev. All of the founding documents, bank accounts, and of the staff were transferred to the city of Kyiv. Now the entire staff of the organization is running normally and the organization has the ability to carry out projects throughout Ukraine. With a focus on the south-eastern region of Ukraine.